Vial of Life Program

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We would like to introduce you to a program that the Doraville Police Department has available to the citizens of Doraville, called the "VIAL OF LIFE".

Vial of Life Program VIAL OF LIFE

The "VIAL OF LIFE" is designed to provide needed information to emergency personnel in situations where you are unable to do so. The information provided by the "VIAL" will include medical history, medications, dosage, doctor's name, insurance provider (optional), emergency contact numbers, hospital preference, and other information to assist in your time of need.

The container or "VIAL" will be located in the REFRIGERATOR within your home. This location is selected for several reasons. It is a common appliance in homes and the contents of a refrigerator remains undamaged during a fire. Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS can have access to this "VIAL OF LIFE".

If you would like to participate in this program, please contact the Doraville Police Department at (770) 455-1000. Point of contact would be Sgt. Kari Lopez.