Crime Scene Investigations

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The City of Doraville Police Department utilizes the various disciplines of the forensic sciences in order to conduct Crime Scene Investigations and aid in the prosecution of criminal cases.

The Crime Scene Investigation Unit is an element of the Criminal Investigation Division's Criminal Investigations Section.

The Crime Scene Investigation Unit is comprised of civilian Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) and is on call to support criminal investigation activities throughout the City of Doraville 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whenever a crime occurs in the City of Doraville, police officers or investigators arrive at a crime scene, secure the scene and make an assessment, and if the situation requires further support, they request the services of the Crime Scene Investigation Unit. The CSIs are "on scene" within one hour.

Much of the work conducted by these professionals is absolutely critical in determining the guilt or innocence of the individuals under investigation. Once collected and analyzed, the evidence gathered at crime scenes tells the story of how the crime evolved.

Much of the work conducted by these individuals aids the police department in determining the guilt or innocence of those under investigation. The evidence collected at a crime scene helps investigators recreate what occurred and either supports or refutes statements, confessions and/or the beliefs of the general public.