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Chief John King

Chief John King

John King became the Chief of Police for the City of Doraville in October 2002.

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Major Chuck Atkinson

Major Chuck Atkinson

Major Atkinson has been employed by the Doraville Police Department since August of 1993. He currently is the department’s Chief Executive Officer and Assistant Chief.

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Summer time is here!

With summer time comes family trips and other adventures.

Safety Tips When Using Online Sites

Doraville Police Department, along with other law-enforcement agencies, have developed some proactive safety tips for when meeting someone selling items on the Internet.

Topic of the month: What to expect if you get pulled over

Our city is recognized through out the metro Atlanta area for the professionalism and dedication of our officers.

Chief's Message

As the changes of seasons and holidays come and go our enduring value statement and mission focus stands. A new year brings the opportunity to look where we have been and where we are going as a hometown police force. Our thanks to those in the community who continue to provide us support and healthy and constructive recommendations to improve service but never compromising the safety of our community.